Wynne’s The Thesis Video Premier

Photo by Aaron Smet

Sunday night isn’t the typical night to go out in Portland, but if you’re in tune with the underground music scene then you might’ve heard about the debut screening of Wynne’s new music video “The Thesis”. A premier party was held at the historic Crystal Ballroom on August 25th. The event was packed with Wynne’s closest friends and fans. An intimate setting with two guest performances from soulful singer Danny Sky and R&B crooner Blossom.

The song pays homage to a monthly cypher that happens at a bar called Kelly’s Olympian. Wynne and featured artists Vursaytl, Illmac and KayelaJ are all frequent visitors of the locale. The video showcases each rapper in their respective hoods all coming together at night in Pioneer Square.

The video was masterfully executed by Portland film director Riley Brown, seen below being comforted by Wynne after a resounding applause. After the first showing, the crowd yelled out an emphatic “run it back!”

After years of perfecting her craft, Wynne has finally made the difficult leap into mainstream hip-hop. It was an honor to attend such an intimate and exciting video premier. This video will undoubtedly help her Portland contemporaries get the exposure they deserve.

For everyone who was there that night, we may look back on this years from now and agree that that was a special night for Portland Hip-hop.

Check out Wynne’s latest album “If I May..” on all streaming platforms!



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