What if You Could Battle Elon Musk In Pokémon?

That was the idea I had when I commissioned this pixel art. I think the gameplay might go a little something like this:

The Tesla Gigafactory has two people in front of it, one of them who’s blocking the entrance. He’s Wally, and he wants to battle you. He’s horribly weak as he has only one lv. 16 Pokemon. After beating him, the two go away, and you’re free to enter the factory!

This is an electric factory, so be prepared with some anti-electric Pokemon. There are four trainers waiting to shock you, but show them that a little shock can’t hurt a humble Pokemon Trainer like you. The Giga Press is nothing to worry about. Simply step on the floor pad, and the machine will open to let you through.

Elon is the Technoking here. He has a lv. 22 Magnemite, which is part Electric and part Steel type. He also has a lv. 20 Voltorb, and a lv. 23 Magneton. The Magneton is the strongest Pokemon on his team.

For winning, you get a free ticket to Mars and Tesla Tequila.



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