Toki Toki

Toki Toki is an imaginary American animated sitcom created by Jake Collins and Aaron Smet. The series follows the adventures of red panda costume-wearing girl Toki Toki and her panda bear companion Toki.

Origin Story

The show revolves around the adventures of Toki and TokiToki. TokiToki is a curious little girl who often finds herself in trouble. Toki is her loyal companion who accompanies her on every adventure. Toki is often depicted chewing on a bamboo shoot. This is a magical bamboo shoot that transforms into a bamboo stick to defend TokiToki whenever she is in danger. The magic bamboo allows Toki to harness incredible strength. TokiToki and Toki are both motherless and were raised as brother and sister. TokiToki’s father who works for the Chinese Forest Preservation Department found Toki abandoned in the forest after Toki’s mother was killed by poachers. He brought Toki home to raise him since the little one would have perished alone in the forest.



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