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Take Your Shot

Successful people take more shots than anyone else. It took Thomas Edison 1000 attempts before he finally constructed the exact combination to make the lightbulb. When asked about his failures, Edison denied that he had failed at all, but instead took 1000 steps to reach his goal. From an outside perspective, people like Edison seem to be an overnight success. Yet, we are never witnesses to the countless number of attempts these individuals make on a daily basis. How many failures did they encounter before they achieved that one great success? These people are far from lucky. In fact, statistically speaking these people would be considered very unlucky. The one defining factor is that they never gave up. In a world where so many people decide to play it safe, these individuals chose to take the risk time and time again. So please consider, every day when you wake up, please take your shot. Because all you need is for one to go in.




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Aaron Smet

Aaron Smet

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