Summer Memoire

Photo by Ben Shanks on Unsplash

I reminisce on our past escapades when she and I were more than flashbacks. Memories of summer swirl in my thoughts. Remembering the time we drifted upon the river’s surface, before driving home under the fluorescent coating of the setting sun. Water still about our skin, but we were carefree. Life was an adventure we explored, creating moments that would span a lifetime, even if we never would. Her body glistening under the sky’s hue. Nothing but a towel around her shoulder, as her bikini exposed the curves that caught my eye. My chest bare to the breeze whistling by the windows as we drove along country roads. Hair dancing in the wind beyond a view of never-ending fields. The marvel of the west coast sunset was just as breathtaking a view as her appearance; painting the sky candy pink. The memory plays like a roll of film, and I see the sunbeams and shadows flashing inside the car like a motion picture. The atmosphere was euphoric. Our eyes locked within the other. She inched her head onto my chest. My arms slid over her body. The soothing sounds of my light breathing and gentle heartbeat lulled her to sleep. In those moments, our hearts found a home to cultivate. A relationship of serenity and depth, connecting on a level that solidified our bond. Perfection is a standard rarely attained, but that day was exactly it. Happiness in its purest form. The sound of the wind singing in our ear was the only voice needed to speak as we made our way into the sunset. Sometimes the best things only last a moment in time, and I guess we were one of those things. But that summer memory is a permanent resident within my mind; a testament to the priceless memories we once birthed together.



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