My Journey with Tesla: From Recognition to Investment

Aaron Smet
2 min readMay 30


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In 2019, I worked at a web hosting company in Wilsonville, OR. I started working there in the spring, and by fall, I vividly remember seeing Tesla cars popping up everywhere. It was the first time Tesla felt like a real company to me.

In 2020, just days before the COVID lockdowns, I relocated to a studio apartment in Lake Oswego, Oregon. During the lockdown, I made the decision to educate myself about investing. I began watching finance YouTubers such as Meet Kevin, who frequently discussed investing in companies like Tesla.

I was part of the new crowd of retail investors in 2020, and I put my stimulus check into the stock market. Like many new investors, I was overwhelmed by Tesla’s stock price and thought I had missed the boat. Nonetheless, I continued to buy other stocks, including Ark ETFs.

Eventually, I fell into the same trap as many other investors and decided to invest in the next big EV company, which for me was the Chinese automaker NIO. While researching NIO, I came across Steven Mark Ryan’s Solving the Money Problem YouTube channel. His videos convinced me that no other EV player was remotely close to Tesla.

Living in Lake Oswego, one of the wealthiest communities in Oregon, also influenced my mindset. As the state lifted COVID-19 restrictions, I started noticing an increasing number of cars on the road, and it seemed like every day I saw between 10 and 20 Tesla cars.

In April 2021, I purchased my first fractional shares of Tesla at a price of $724. Since then, I have been consistently dollar-cost averaging into the stock every day.

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