I Wrote Commercial Copy for The University of Oregon

Aaron Smet
2 min readOct 27, 2022


Photo by Davis Patton on Unsplash

Deep in the woods, nestled between a rocky coastline and a magnificent cascade range lies an institution like no other — The University of Oregon. Surrounded by green meadows, you’ll find a community of individuals pursuing knowledge and applying new ideas to real-world problems.

Happily rooted in our own personal arboretum, we are relentlessly innovating, sprouting ideas as blossoming shrubs toward change. We believe in respect and inclusion, conversation and collaboration, and are always interested in the budding of different perspectives!

The University of Oregon waters the seeds of crucial interactions, blooming dialogues that shape us as individuals. Connections that, for many, pollinated bonds across lifetimes.

Our campus is flourishing with culture and traditions. Embraced by nature’s lush scenery, it is home to photosynthetic creatives inclusive of musicians, artists, poets, and historians. All working together to nurture the petals of a better tomorrow.

Consider us your home away from home. A utopia among wildlife. Eugene is just the right amount of weird to keep things interesting. This place feels friendly and familiar like your hometown, but also modern and connected. It is the quintessential college town.

Here you’ll find a thriving world-class research institution planted between towering trees and colorful leaves. Nursing saplings that flower into humanity’s next pioneers. We love technology and nature, a fact evident by minds reaching for the stars as surrounding flora reaches for the sun.

We take pride in being world-class both on the court and in the field; fertilizing advances in the world through our discoveries. We are champions of sustainability, the carpel birthing future scholars. We always challenge the status quo.

Many schools have history, we have heritage rich as a daffodil’s nectar!

Plant your feet in the soil of higher learning.

Build your future here at The University of Oregon!



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