Why Green Is the Best Color

Aaron Smet
1 min readMar 24


Manoa Falls — Photo by Aaron Smet

Green, the color of life and growth, In gardens, forests, and fields it shows, From tiny sprouts to towering trees, Its vibrant hue is a sight to please.

A calming shade of verdant peace, It brings a sense of ease and release, A color that soothes the eye and mind, And in nature, it’s not hard to find.

In emerald jewels and jade so rare, It adds a touch of elegance and flair, And in the grasses beneath our feet, It offers comfort and a cool retreat.

Green is the color of hope and health, Of vitality, renewal, and wealth, A hue that brings the world to life, And fills our hearts with joy so rife.

So let us celebrate this lovely hue, In every shade and every view, For green is a color that will endure, A symbol of nature’s grace so pure.