Bare Knuckles Collection 3

Aaron Smet
2 min readDec 1, 2019
Photo by Ben Pigao

Clothing brand BARE KNUCKLES, founded by Jacob Keller and Cole McBride, dropped their highly anticipated third collection back in July. Prior to the official release, BARE KNUCKLES hosted an exclusive pop-up event at the Grand Gallery in Portland, Oregon. I and a few others went to check it out.

A line of people had already formed when we arrived; which spanned an entire city block. Inside the gallery were three racks of clothes and a white coffee table displaying two stacks of neatly folded sweaters. Sun rays swept through the gallery space as shoppers got to feel and try on collection three for the first time.

What caught everyone’s eye were the cropped cashmere wool sweaters in pale green and burnt orange. This was the first time that lighter color tones appeared in the BARE KNUCKLES catalog compared to previous releases.

Although the sweaters were a popular item, they were not the first to sell out. That belonged to the two T-shirts in plum gray and dark rust. Both shirts sport a unique sun-bleached T-shirt fade making them a must-have in any wardrobe.

Completing the look, two oversized pleated trousers were added in black and plaid. Each trouser came with a cupro bandana, custom-designed by Owen Hyatt. You can find them in white, orange, red and yellow colorways.

Jacob’s favorite piece from the collection was the box camp collar shirt. Inspired by 1950’s bowling shirts, the garment offers a loose and free-flowing fit because of its sustainable silk-like cupro fabric. Combine that with an above the knee tactical cargo short in either black or cream and you’ll have the classic BARE KNUCKLES look.

The collection 3 pop-up was a massive success and good vibes were shared all around.

Their fourth collection launches online this Sunday, November 24th at 12 PM PST.